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Brave Hearts for Strong Minds

Our Mission

Brave Hearts for Strong Minds is a 501c3 approved organization (EIN 45-3973220) that was started in 2012 after a beloved community member, Tom Reilly, suddenly passed away leaving behind his wife and four young children.

Tom Reilly was a man who gave everything to the community and in his honor, the community wanted to continue that tradition of care for others. Our logo was inspired by his musical and carpentry skills while also highlighting his generous heart in which he provided for others whenever possible.

Our model is a pay-it-forward network, asking that those families who receive these opportunities help to create opportunities for future recipient families. They do so by working with us to help organize and run future events which benefit other families who have experienced similar loss in their life.

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Our Sponsors

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Our thanks to the generosity and support of local businesses, families, and friends of the organization.

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We Need Your Help!

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The funds donated by our sponsors are what allow our organization, which is run entirely by volunteers, to provide educational assistance to families in need. We simply could not function without our local heros that become our sponsors.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for our 2016 walk by contacting us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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Countdown to our 2016 Annual Walk

Each year, the Saturday before Father’s Day - June 18, 2016, we hold a charity walk that gathers 500+ community members and local businesses for a day of food, fun, walking, and music. Participants are invited to raise funds on their own personalized donation page in which the proceeds are donated to education funds of children who have lost a parent.